Independant 2007 Concept


Research is done on new airplane configurations like Blended Wing Bodies because the new AIRBUS A380 has reached the limit of conventional aircraft configurations with regard to aerodynamic performance and capacity.

The Streamliner is an airplane concept, with a similar geometry to delta shaped Blended Wing Bodies, yet it gets rid of some disadvantages for the passenger.


Technical Background

The fuselage of conventional aircrafts (left) only causes drag, which leads to energy loss. The shape of Blended Wing Bodies (right) enables the fuselage to cause lift. This saves a lot of energy. While trying to achieve aerodynamic perfection it is hard to cope with passenger needs. The Streamliner (center) is a merger with similar aerodynamic properties as known of delta shaped designs.

Travelling is foreseeably more comfortable with the Streamliner, because the forces the passenger is exposed to are moderate and it provides a view on windows which is not the case with Blended Wing Bodies making their acceptance questionable.

Furthermore having windows in sight is important for the passengers, even if they are not occupying a window seat. Research has proven that virtual windows are not an option.The new layout permits a classification of space by experience quality, work space, etc. The room in the middle of the plane may be used for service areas, conference rooms, etc, while some seats might provide the passenger a great view.

Interior Konzept


Better communication with your traveling company may be important to you if you are traveling for business reasons or just to sit face to face to your family.

The extendible ears of the seat offer the feeling of private sphere. They shield the view and may absorb sounds as well. They may be extended individually.

The seat offers a choice of different resting positions. Of course the flexibility of your seat depends on the space surrounding the seat. The degrees of freedom correspond to your online booking.


The Trolley consists of a frame and containers with compartments that are lowered automatically making them accessible by the staff.
A paternoster like system stores the boxes automatically and leads them to the destined service area
using rails in the sealing. This enables the airline to handle very individual service bookings with very efficient storage space.