Redevelopment for Indoor Garden with Simulated Light Read more

  • BerlinGreen
  • 2020-today
  • Construction
  • Design

GreenBox Indoor Garden with Simulated Light

On behalf of BerlinGreen, we developed a complete redesign to enable production of GreenBox components using machine manufacturing processes such as injection molding or extrusion, to optimize the assembly costs of this handmade product. The idea was to maintain the characteristic wooden look by still including significantly sized wood components.

However, we found that plastic or aluminum parts became more expensive than expected due to increased tooling costs, and the handcrafting processes in place allowed for more manufacturing control than expanding machine production of parts would have. Also, additional materials wouldn’t have significantly added to the popular wooden appearance from a cost or environmental standpoint.

So instead of implementing fundamental changes, we devoted the rest of the project to the design of some nuanced design solutions, such as the holder of the sensor board that measures the water level. The holder can be demolded in one direction and allows extremely easy mounting with the board simply sliding in until it snaps into place. We also developed the integrated housing that harbors the “brain” of the GreenBox smart indoor garden. The housing enables operating it via touch sensor, protects the electronics and gives them a firm hold in the overall housing. We also took care of communication with the electronics developers and the manufacturer.