Design of an industrial probe for particle analysis procedures in demanding environments with high endurance requirements. Read more

  • Sopat GmbH
  • 2016
  • Construction
  • Design

Particle Analysis Probe

with ATEX and IECEx Certification

For Sopat, we developed the design and mechanical aspects of the casing for this sonde that measures particle size distributions in potentially explosive atmospheres. We also assumed communication with suppliers for the integration of the standard components and additional ones developed by external companies, such as the optical system consisting of optical fibers or an endoscope.

The casing has been designed according to the ATEX standard for flameproof casings suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Among other things, the standard provides specifications for the design of joints between casing components. This applies to all joints of components forming the outer casing, in this case optical components and a cable gland. Integrating the optical system with an endoscope and optical waveguides to illuminate the medium in an ATEX-compliant casing turned out to be a complex challenge, which could nevertheless be solved with this sonde made of resistant steel. It successfully achieved ATEX certification according to Annex VII of Directive 2014/34/EU and the IECEx certification.