For our customer Soonsolid we developed a housing design for an open 3D scanner, which convinces by speed and accuracy. Read more

  • SoonSolid
  • 2019
  • Design

Open 3D Dental Scanner

This scanner stands out through its open design, very high speed, high accuracy, and a very small minimum angle in the scannable dental impressions. The scanner is available in different versions, which differ in their accuracy of 7µ or 10µ and resolution of 1.3 or 3 megapixels. The open construction of the scanner posed a greater challenge for design and manufacturing than a shut version.

All components of the structure had to be thoroughly cased. At the same time, to allow for production by injection molding, the housing of our design had to consist of a relatively large number of individual parts. However, the goal was that the parts’ intersections should remain unobtrusive and not visually stand out once the device is assembled.