As part of our Streamliner airplane concept which explores future travel, we created innovative solutions for exterior, interior and service. Read more

  • 2007
  • Concept
  • Design

Streamliner Airplane Concept

Interior & Exterior

The exterior of our Streamliner concept, which was awarded a Red Dot Concept Award in 2008, is based on a study of Dipl. Ing. Berkant Göksel. It explores a hybrid between conventional airplane shapes and delta shaped blended wing body designs. To achieve a high level of feasibility for this specialized area of design we worked in close exchange with experts of airplane engineering such as Michael Lau of Airbus and the faculty of HAW Hamburg, which was essential. It resulted in concepts for exterior, seating, trolley and service solutions to individualize travel through digitalized booking tools.

Technical Background

The fuselage of conventional aircrafts causes drag and leads to energy loss. Blended wing bodies with delta shaped design enable the fuselage to cause lift saving a lot of energy.

Streamliner is a merger with similar aerodynamic properties as those of delta shaped designs but avoids many of the drawbacks for passenger experience. In fully delta shaped designs passengers sitting far from the middle axis are exposed to strong forces.

Studies have also shown that the wide interior which leaves many without visual access to windows or only to virtual windows is regarded as undesirable.

Interior Konzept

The interior of the Streamliner allows for a new classification of space and travel experience. Close to the middle axis space can be used for service or meeting areas, while some seats even offer an entirely new traveling experience as they provide front view windows.

The seating properties of the Streamliner create more communication options as for business or family travel it becomes possible for travelers to face each other. The extendible ears of the seats offer more privacy, shield the view, can absorb sound and can be individually adjusted.

Seats offer a choice of different resting and working positions depending on the degree of space based on traveling class.