With our extensive expertise in this area, we can develop almost any conceivable electronic device as a prototype for you in a practice-oriented manner.  more

Embedded Software

In other words:

We combine microcontrollers and other electronic components into a system and write the software that controls them according to their purpose. Thus, we can transform your visions into tangible, functional systems, to test them and, based on that, to bring them to production readiness (see Electronics Development). This also includes iOT devices that communicate via WIFI and/or Bluetooth or exchange data with the Internet. Among other things, these devices can measure all kinds of things, contain cameras, control motors or drive displays. We can assist you with device development beginning at any stage of the project, whether you have just an initial idea or are aiming to improve an existing product.

We are specialized in designing system architectures, selecting the right microcontrollers, sensors, and other components to ensure a perfect fit to your individual requirements. With our knowledge of C/C++, RTOS and various microcontroller architectures, we guarantee efficient software solutions. Furthermore, our hands-on approach means that we do not only program, but also build and test prototypes, turning visions into tangible, functional systems. Benefit from our seamless combination of advanced technical skills and practical implementation.